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Nito Group's 9-step business model is based on the full range of client needs when it comes to setting-up and operating animal related projects. From Concept Design to Turn Key management, the 9-step model provides an A to Z solution but also offers an effective method to support existing organizations that wish to audit and fine-tune their current business processes. Nito Group provides individual data-sheets for each of the steps in the model.

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Guest Experience is the foremost important factor in the equation since this determins the uniqueness,attraction value and financial feasibility. Based in these factors our highest priority is to determin an optimal Animal Welfare environment.
Finally, the Business Results must be according to expectations of facility owners, developers, investors and contributors to guarantee long-term and successful operations. It is Nito Group's passion is to optimize these three important factors and thus provide true 21st management.

Nito Group's philosophy regarding 21st which is divided in three logical phases. The Design stage is where concept, feasibility and business principles are determined. The Population part covers all aspects regarding the live stock and targets a continuous optimization of animal welfare. Finally the Operation phase takes care of everything needed to provide daily operations keeping long term profitability and sustainability in mind.

Business Model

Nito Group realizes that clients desire to create a unique business model for each project. However, there are many factors and restrictions that influence the way zoological facilities are developed and operated. Our in-depth knowledge can help you to make sure the Business Model suits the vision and mission of your organization but also the demands of investors, your guests and last but not least, the welfare of your animals.

Custom-made Business Model based on your plans and vision
Wide range of influencing factors and restrictions are taken into account
Given the situation a best mix of services and products can be determined
A solid Business Model is the key document to interest investors
The Business Model can be the basis for financial monitoring and reporting during the operational phase

Wildlife & Conservation Management

Nito Group can provide assistance in wildlife conservation and research programs in both in-situ and ex-situ environments. Our expertise includes setting up breeding programs suitable to your population in an ex-situ environment. Also we offer population management to maintain endangered species in the wild by using reintroduction programs and conduct environmental impact studies for companies as well as governments to determine if new building locations are suitable.

Supporting wildlife conservation and research programs in-situ and ex-situ
Environmental impact studies for companies and (local) governments
Creation of suitable breeding programs in ex-situ situations
Re-introduction of species and programs for population size increase
Population studies to determin current status of (endangered) species

Feasibility Study

Nito Group provides feasibility studies to determine the success factor of each zoological project. Generally required by financing institutions and partners, the feasibility studies focuses on the viability of the proposed business concept and is together with the concept design an important first step in the realization of any project.

Provides the necessary data regarding the competitive landscape, operating requirements and financial projections
Reveils all aspects that influence the business case
The feasibility study is a perfect, low-cost tool to separate wishful thinking from reality
Defining a realistic time line for project realization
An independent survey of the facts which will help to convince key investors

Search, Selection and Transport

Nito Group's world-wide network of animal management professionals allows us to quickly identify a suitable population of animals needed for a specific project. After the animals fitting the selection criteria are located, Nito Group negotiates the best possible acquisition terms. Finally our specialist team will do the preparation and transportation of the animals to your facility.

Search, selection and transport as à-la-carte or turn-key service
Effective search because of direct access to our world-wide network of zoos, aquariums and specialized breeders
Animal selection done by our animal managers based on your criteria
Handling of local and international permits and licenses
Optimal care during the actual transport of the animals

Concept Design

Nito Group provides facility, enclosure and exhibit design by using different government zoological guidelines and standards including AZA, EAZA and EAAM. This approach guarantees the best quality for your current and future designs.

Realistic zoological facility designs that comply with local and international legislation and guidelines
Cost estimations are available early on in the conceptual phase, ensuring a constant feasibility check through-out the design process
Realistic visualization of the project, including 3D walk-through and computer rendered images
Professional design documents and realistic visualisation proves to be of great help when dealing with local governments and investors

Training and Husbandry

Nito Group has an extensive experience when it comes to training and husbandry of wide variety of animal species. Training can serve different goals like medical examinations, shows & interactions, research, security or search & rescue. Depending on your requirements we can bring in our specialized trainers or work closely with your existing training staff to make sure learning targets are met within the deadlines.

Training and husbandry can serve different goals, depending on your operations
Only an optimized combination of Training and Husbandry results in the best possible animal health
Based on best practices derived from many years experience
Our experise can be used in various ways: from problem solving to subcontracting
Nito Group developed a quickscan to analyse your current Training and Husbandry situation

Staff Service

Nito Group has a large database of international animal management experts which can be deployed to different projects on short notice. Ranging from managers, directors, veterinarians, trainers, keepers and nutritionists each team will be established based on your goals and specific needs. Nito Group can provide professionals for all aspects of daily operations when it comes to animal management. Quality and customer satisfaction are among their key success factors.

Maximum flexibility when your workforce demands fluctuate
Easy selection of the right skills from the Nito Group database of international animal management experts
No time consuming reqruitement and termination processes are needed
Fits all aspects of your daily operations

Turn-key Management

Nito Group can handle the entire facility operations on a turn-key basis deploying a team of international recognized animal management experts. Depending on the nature of your operations the team members are hand-picked on short notice, ranging from managers, directors, veterinarians, trainers, keepers to nutritionists.

Specially aimed at organizations that want to concentrate on other business or are unfamiliar with running an animal related project
Make use of Nito Group's network of international recognized animal management professionals
Service fees depend partly on actual achievement of business targets

Interim Management

Nito Group can run your operations in an interim management setting. Due to their skills and experience Nito Group's managers can operate at a senior level and will add value to your team. They provide a fresh perspective and can purely concentrate on what is best for your organization, independent of politics and corporate culture. Typically interim management is a viable option during reorganizations, long-term illness of senior staff members and take-overs.

Nito Group managers add value by bringing in expertise and skills into your organisation
From operational staff to senior management
Quick management solution in case of reorganization, illness or take-over
Access to the Nito Group database of international animal management experts
Short term appointments can start from three months